Mary S.C.


creative, lactose intolerant, weirdo

I've never taken one of those personality tests so I don't know my Myers Biggs type but I know I'm a Virgo and born the year of the Dragon . So I guess I'm a Dragon Goddess (eat your heart out Daenerys Targaryen). I have a sun allergy which causes me to be very prone to sun burns and sun poising; so on top of the whole divinity, dragon thing I also might be part vampire. 

I painted my first jacket when my sister got married. As a gift, I wanted to get her one to wear on her wedding day. However, the beautifully painted, colorful designs were not within my budget. In an attempt to make this gift still happen, I tapped into some old painting skills (my grandmother was a painter (oils) and she taught me) and gave it shot. Obviously the results were favorable as we're all here now reading this lame-ass paragraph about me.


Cats / Zero Candy Bars / Leather Jackets / Rum Sours /

Thrift Shopping / Cigarettes After Sex (The band, I don't smoke)


The Office / Makeup Contouring / Homophobia / People Who Tell Me to Smile / Racists / Crowds